Making it Can Be Cheaper

While not everything is cheaper to make at home (bread, for example), many items that are regularly in my pantry/fridge can be made at home for much less than you pay at the store.


Regular garlic hummus is much cheaper to make at home than to buy pre-made. With garlic hummus running anywhere from $2.49 – $3.99 at my local grocery store, making it myself saves me quite a bit of money each month given how much of it I eat. Here’s a breakdown of the cost per batch when I make it at home:

Chickpeas, Busch brand – $1.19

Lemon – $.98/lbs (only use about 1/4 lbs per batch)

Jalapeño – $.97/lbs (only use 1 per batch)

Cumin – Minimal Cost – most people have this in their spice cabinet. Even if you have to purchase it for this recipe, you’ll be able to use if for many other recipes and it will last a very long time.

Total Cost per Batch = approx. $1.54

For a savings of $.90 – $2.45

Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce can be very expensive when you buy it at the store. I have seen it range anywhere from $2.99-$6.99. With a little patience you can get very good and making your own buffalo sauce (or BBQ sauce for that matter) and it is extremely cheap.

Butter = $2.49/lbs (only need about 1/3 cup per batch)

Ketchup = $1.09 /16 oz

Vinegar = Minimal Cost

Hot Sauce = $1.49 (only need 1/3 cup per batch)

Honey = Minimal Cost

Total Cost per batch = approximately $1.57

For a savings of $1.42 – $5.42

These are just a couple of examples of products you can make at home that will save you money. Again, you should always evaluate the cost if you think it will be cheaper to make at home, because sometimes it can be deceiving. If you are trying to save money on your food budget you should look for products that you use frequently at home and evaluate if you can make it at home and if it will save you money. Sometimes products are highly difficult to make at home, so the time you spend trying to make it may not be worth the financial savings.


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