Vegan Pizza from Pizza Luce

This past weekend I was involved in The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge in St. Paul.  Since we were working around the clock all weekend trying to bang out some amazing sites for some even more amazing Minnesota non-profits, many area businesses donated some awesome food throughout the day and night.

Around midnight our first round of pizza from Pizza Luce arrived, and I was thrilled because I’d heard that there would be vegan pizza. Since I can’t eat cheese and don’t eat meat, the vegan pizza was perfect for me. Little did I know how amazing it was going to be.

You can make just about any of their pizzas vegan by substituting the mozzarella cheese with soy cheese, which puts them super high in my book right away. I had several slices of the vegan version of The Rustler, and I must tell you it was absolutely to die for.

The mock duck, pineapple, banana peppers, and sorta-spicy barbecue sauce make this pizza unique and delicious. Since it was made with soy cheese I didn’t get the super icky feeling I get these days after consuming cheese, and the fact that it tasted great totally made my night.

If you’re ever in Minnesota be sure to check out Pizza Luce (they have stuff for just vegetarians as well and they have Gluten free offerings too).