Eating Healthy Won’t Break the Bank

Over the last few weeks I’ve heard the same complaint from many people I’ve talked to about my diet choices: “But it’s so expensive to eat healthy!” This is a very common belief and is one reason that many people never end up changing their eating habits. But in my opinion, this is just another excuse that people have for staying the course when it comes to their meal choices.

I’ve been working on my budget lately, simply trying to see where my money goes, and I thought it would tie in nicely to this complaint that people. So, for the month of June I’m going to track all of my grocery spending, everything from big trips to the grocery store to smaller, specialty store trips (and the occasional trip to Kwik Trip to get bananas). I’m also going to track which groceries I use in which recipes and provide calorie counts for each of them.

I hope that this transparent view of my grocery shopping and cooking will help others realize that eating healthy or changing your eating habits completely doesn’t have to break the bank – and in many cases it can even help you save money (not only on groceries but on trips to the doctor, etc…).

I will be back later this week with a recipe for eggplant “tacos” on chapati bread, but in the mean time start thinking about how much you spend on groceries and what exactly you are getting for your money.


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