Snacking: Tips and Recommendations

If done correctly, snacking can be our best friend. If done wrong, it can be our worst enemy. Here are just a few snacking tips and recommendations that can help you make the right snacking decisions:

  • Snack Often – Many dietitians now say that eating less food more frequently can help you lose weight because it speeds up your metabolism. Try eating a smaller breakfast, lunch, and dinner but add in a snack a couple hours after breakfast and lunch to help reduce hunger and speed up your metabolism.
  • Eat Protein – If you tend to run low on energy mid-afternoon, try snacking on something that is high in protein to boost your energy. Snacks such as nuts (peanuts and cashews are my favorite), cottage cheese, and protein bars (Larabars are my personal recommendation) can give you a much needed energy boost when you start to get groggy after lunch. Also, if you choose something such as cottage cheese or hard-boiled eggs, you can get a lot of protein without a lot of calories.
  • Avoid the Vending Machine – When those mid-morning and mid-afternoon (or late night) cravings hit, avoid heading straight to the vending machine or convenience store. While baked chips or a Snickers bar might not sound like such a bad choice, there are much better ones available. The easiest way to break your vending machine habit is to pack snacks for work and keep fresh veggies and fruit in the house. Carrots, apples, low-fat crackers (such as Wheat Thins), and hard-boiled eggs are easy snacks that you can prep the night before and take with you anywhere.

These few snacking tips are an easy way to improve your overall eating habits and they will also provide you with more energy throughout the day. By making a few healthy decisions each day you will start to lose weight and feel better overall.


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