I Love Facon

One of the (very) few things I’ve missed since becoming a vegetarian is bacon. Of course it is, that’s what all vegetarians say they miss. And why wouldn’t we? Bacon makes everything better. Whether it’s the crunch, the saltiness, just the flavor itself, bacon adds something to a dish that just always seems to take it to the next level of yumminess.

When I realized I no longer had a soy allergy, I headed right for my grocery store’s freezer section and picked up some Morningstar Farms soy ‘bacon’. While it looked nothing like bacon, it definitely tasted just like bacon, and so I made due with that for Sunday morning breakfast and other bacon emergencies. But unlike bacon, the soy bacon had no natural juices so I couldn’t really use it in recipes and get the same effect as real bacon.

Tempeh Bacon

Image from the Lunch Box Bunch.

As I searched the net for another bacon substitute, I stumbled upon a recipe for tempeh ‘bacon’. I’ve talked at length on this blog about how much I love tempeh, but I’d really only cooked it one way: on the grill. After looking at a few recipes for this concoction, I decided to combine the recipes together to create my own facon.

The result was beyond words. The tempeh bacon was crispy and crunch just like bacon and it even looked a bit like bacon. Also

, since you have to marinate the tempeh you get a lot of juices out of it when you cook it, meaning you can use it in whatever recipe you’d like as a bacon substitute while still get the same consistency you would from real bacon.

So, if you’ve been craving bacon but the store-bought ‘bacon’ just doesn’t cut it, just do a search for ‘tempeh bacon recipe’ and put together your own version of facon. You won’t be disappointed!


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