Quick Lunch: Yogurt w/Bananas and Wheat Germ

One of the biggest challenges I face as a vegetarian is finding a quick meal that will fill me up, especially at lunchtime. I used to just take sandwiches or frozen dinners to work, but now that I’m more health conscious and I don’t eat meat, those options are a bit less appealing. One thing that I’ve noticed since I became a vegetarian is that I snack  much more and I think it’s because I’ve had a hard time finding something that is quick enough for lunch but fills me up so I’m not hungry 20 minutes later.

I was at the store the other day and I picked up some plain yogurt for smoothies. However, when I got hungry for lunch, I thought about what I might be able to do with the plain yogurt. So, I took 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, added a small banana sliced up, a few shelled sunflower seeds, and 2 tablespoons of wheat germ and what I got out of it was a filling lunch that was quick and tasted great! This is also a protein-packed lunch so it is beneficial in many ways. So if you are struggling to find the perfect balance of healthy eats that fill you up quickly, try this little concoction out.

Total Calorie Count = 237


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