Not-So-Vegetarian Treats

With Easter quickly approaching, the stores are filled to the brim with delicious candy treats. However, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, there are some treats that may seem meatless enough, but that actually contain various animal byproducts.

Two products that you may not think of as being off-limits to vegetarians are jelly beans and marshmallows (Peeps, etc). Jelly beans contain gelatin, which is made from animal bones and marshmallows also contain gelatin. While some brands, such as Jelly Belly jelly beans are not made with gelatin, they are still not completely vegan, as they are coated with beeswax. If you are out shopping for Easter treats this Spring, be sure to check the ingredients list to make sure no gelatin is in the product.

If you can’t find any of your favorite treats in gelatin-free form, be sure to check out some great recipes online that can help you make your own vegetarian or vegan versions of your favorites at home!

Here’s a recipe I came across for vegetarian Peeps.


2 Comments on “Not-So-Vegetarian Treats”

  1. Rach says:

    Gelatin is made from animal bones not animal fat.

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