Two Month Update

After two months (and a week or so) of being a vegetarian, there are a few things I’ve learned. Firstly, I’ve learned how to balance my diet and not just replace meat with sugar or carbs. While this was probably the hardest part about the first month or so of being a vegetarian, I’ve found that just by broadening my culinary horizons I can have just as balanced of a diet as any omnivore.

Secondly, I learned that people will always be a little apprehensive when I tell them about my lifestyle change. For people that I don’t know, telling them I’m a vegetarian doesn’t give any reason for a pause. However, for people that I’ve known for a long time, telling them I don’t eat meat anymore is almost like a personal insult. Mind you, not everyone reacts the same, but many people question the change and automatically say, “So you gave up all meat? But you still eat fish right?” This is one of my favorite lines. No, I don’t eat fish, because fish is a meat and I don’t eat meat.

It shouldn’t be a foreign concept in this day and age, but many people that I know still think it’s a bit strange. I did get a great piece of feedback today though from someone I don’t know who said that those who think my eating habits are strange are probably just self-conscious about their own. I don’t think that notion always holds true, but I think it probably resonates with people who are particularly defensive when I tell them.

Lastly, I learned that the more time goes by when I don’t eat meat, the more conscious I am about what I put in my body and about the lasting imprint my lifestyle has on the world. What I mean by that, mostly, is that the more time that goes by without meat in my life, the more conscious I am about animal rights and the environment. I can definitely see how a vegetarian lifestyle can lead to a vegan one, and I’m not altogether opposed to the idea – in the future, that is.

Overall, it’s been a great couple of months and I feel better than I have in years. I am happier and my digestive problems have all but subsided (unless I go a little crazy with the dairy). While I don’t think vegetarianism is for everyone, I’m glad it’s a choice that I’ve made for myself.


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