Quorn Chick’ N Cutlets

Last night I had to run to the store after a long night of work because I’ve yet to make it out “big” grocery shopping since I got back from Oklahoma. I had lots of side dish materials in my pantry, however, I had no protein and I didn’t feel much like making a batch of black bean burgers or chickpea cutlets (both my go-to proteins for dinner).

Since I tested my soy allergy a few weeks ago with the tofu experiment and came out unscathed, I figured I was ok to buy some frozen veggie burgers. When I got to the small frozen natural foods section, I looked around a bit to see what my burger options were. What I saw instead was a box that said “Chick’ N Cutlets” and then just below that “Meatless and Soy-Free”.

“Well then what are they made of?” I said out loud to myself.

The answer: fungus. I know it sounds gross, but these “chicken” cutlets are made of mycoprotein, which is derived from fungi. Although the thought of eating fungus may not be the most appetizing idea, these cutlets are delicious. I seasoned them lightly with some lemon pepper seasoning and the finished product had the texture and taste of a chicken breast. When I think of meatless food I generally only think of things made of soy or rice, so this was a great discovery for me.

Quorn also has several other chicken-like products available as well as a Turk’ y Roast, which they say can be sliced for sandwiches or used as the centerpiece for a holiday meal. The other nice thing about their products is that they are fairly low-cal. The naked Chik ‘N cutlets are only 80 calories each, although the more exotic Gruyère Chik’ N cutlet is around 260 calories.

You can check out all of their products here and they also have a store locator so you can find a store near you that carries their products. If you are able to find any of their products, I highly recommend giving them a try. The naked cutlets will make a great substitute in many chicken-centered recipes. The only downside to these products is that they are a little on the expensive side; the naked cutlets were $4.49 for 4.


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