Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Last night for dinner my mother-in-law made spaghetti with meat sauce. In an effort to appease my eating habits she got out some Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burgers. She was just going to serve them as burgers but I suggested she just break them up, fry them, and mix them in with the marinara sauce just as she had for the beef. The result was tasty and you would never have known that it wasn’t meat in my sauce.

Although I didn’t get the taste of the burgers by themselves, they made a delicious addition to the marinara sauce. The burgers were just spicy enough and they had a meat-like texture, which allowed them to hold up to the sauce when mixed together. The Morningstar Farms brand is not too expensive, as far as vegetarian options go, and the frozen burgers are a great thing to keep around the house in case you don’t feel like cooking anything.

Also, with only 120 calories per patty, this is a low-cal, healthy way to get your burger fix. While I still like to make my own black bean burgers most of the time, these are a quick meal fix and work much better on the grill than homemade ones.


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