Broiled Tofu Recipe

So the tofu I tried out last night was absolutely delicious, and another bonus: it didn’t kill me! I plan on making this many more times while continuing to experiment with the recipe. This tofu goes great with just about anything: quinoa, rice, pasta, orzo, couscous, etc. I served it with a couscous, orzo, quinoa mix and it perfectly complemented the taste of the tofu. Tofu is basically a sponge so it will take on the taste of whatever you marinate or cook it in, so feel free to experiment with the seasonings.


1 package Firm Tofu, can be cubed or not

1/4 cup Water

2 tbsp Soy Sauce

1 tsp Ground Cayenne

1 tsp Lemon Pepper Seasoning

1 clove Garlic, minced

Olive Oil, for greasing the baking sheet


1) Turn the broiler on low and use a paper towel to put a light coating of olive oil on a cookie sheet.

2) If tofu is not cubed, cut lengthwise into three sections and then diagonally to create six triangles.

3) Mix together the marinade ingredients in a medium bowl.

4) Dip the tofu into marinade. If the tofu is cubed it may be easier to toss all pieces into the bowl and mix.

5) Place the tofu on the baking sheet and put into the hot broiler. Broil for 10 minutes.

6) Pour some of the marinade onto the tofu to moisten it again and place it back under the broiler for 3 more minutes. Repeat once more or until the tofu is golden brown.

7) Serve the tofu with your favorite rice or pasta dish for a complete meal.


2 Comments on “Broiled Tofu Recipe”

  1. Chad Flitter says:

    This meal exceed my expectations! I would definately try this if you haven’t ever had tofu before. It will make you like it!

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