Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday in my house. We plan out entire day around the game including our meals. In the past, our Super Bowl fare consisted of meat-heavy offerings including, but not limited to: Lil’ Smokies, bacon wrapped Lil’ Smokies, chicken wings, chili cheese dip, beef tacos, beef chili, and several other meat-centric dishes.

Much like cutting back on carbs, revamping my Super Bowl menu will also be a challenge. I think the key to having a successful vegetarian Super Bowl menu will be creating new dishes, not just trying to recreate meatless versions of the old ones. The problem with trying to recreate meat dishes without the meat is that people will always compare them to the meat version, which just sets them up for potential disappointment. If I can serve dishes that people haven’t tried before they won’t have anything to compare them to. Also, keeping it simple is important. Here is what I’ve come up with so far:


Homemade Hummus w/Homemade Pita Chips

Tomato Queso Dip w/Tortilla Chips

Swiss Cheese Dip w/Toasted Baguette

As yet to be determined Tofu Dish

Main Course:

Buffalo and Blue Cheese Black Bean Sliders


I don’t currently have anything in mind for dessert, as I’m not really a dessert person, but I’m sure with the crowd I’m going to be with I will need to think up something for finishing the meal off (that doesn’t include alcohol).

Throughout the week I will probably update this menu and I will also post the recipes for as many of these dishes as I can. Many of these recipes are quick and easy so it helps keep game day prep simple, which helps keep the stress level down for the host/hostess. If you have other ideas for dishes to serve on game day please leave a comment.



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