When Carbs Attack – Update

After a week of trying to cut back on the carbs, I found that the challenge is not all that easy. After a couple of days of trying to cut down on the carbs I realized that just watching my carb intake was not going to get me very far. So instead of counting carbs I began counting calories. In the process of counting calories I noticed that my carb intake lessened anyway since many carbohydrate-heavy foods are also high in calories.

For my height and weight (5′ 4 1/2″, 135 lbs) I can consume 1635 calories daily to maintain my current weight. If I want to lose weight I have to take it down to 1380 and if I want to aggressively lose weight I have to cut it down to 1038. While 1038 is a bit extreme, 1380 is manageable. By making that calorie count my goal, I found that my carb intake went down accordingly.

I found a few recipes over the course of the week that made it easier for me to cut out the carbs/calories including some extremely versatile bean balls that can be used in spaghetti or eaten on their own with a variety of dips. I will post my final bean ball recipe tomorrow so you all can try it out for yourselves.


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