When Can I Say I’m a Vegetarian?

Since I stopped eating meat (20 days ago now), I’ve been told on several occasions that I can’t really call myself a vegetarian yet because not eating meat for two weeks does not a vegetarian make. While I generally understand their sentiment, I do not agree with it – for two reasons:

1) Just because I’m insufferable does not mean you can belittle my vegetarianism. I know people think I’m just trying to be difficult, but this is something I’m fully committed to. If you are simply annoyed by the fact that I don’t eat meat anymore, then don’t hang out with me, especially around feeding time. It’s not like I walk around broadcasting that I ditched the meat, I only make it known when being asked about what I’d like to eat. So if you don’t like me calling myself a vegetarian, then don’t find yourself around me while I’m eating.

2) What else am I supposed to say when offered meat at a meal? I mean, come on, am I just supposed to say that I stopped eating meat? Isn’t it a lot easier for me to just say I’m a vegetarian? It just seems like a lot of extra work to beat around the bush and avoid the scary word “vegetarian”.

The point I’ve been trying to make to my friends and family, who I must say have taken a weird turn and are NOT supporting my decision to become a vegetarian, is that I am a vegetarian. Regardless of how long I’ve gone without meat, I am a vegetarian, so if you are simply having a problem with semantics then just keep your comments to yourself.


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