When Carbs Attack

I first noticed that my carb intake was at addict-level highs when several people in my life started calorie counting. I have always known that I eat an inordinate amount of carbohydrates, however, it never occurred to me just how many carbs I consume on a daily basis. Even before I became a vegetarian my diet was full of carbs, but since I stopped eating meat my intake has reached an epic level. It was when my friend asked me to look at how many calories were in the pumpernickel roll (300!) we were using for our sandwiches that it dawned on me how necessary it was for me to cut back on the carbs. If I kept up my carb consumption I was going to weigh 200 lbs by the time the year was over!bread

From tortillas to potatoes, I do not discriminate when it comes to carb-heavy foods – I love them all. But carbs are full of calories:

  • White Flour Tortillas = 120
  • Slice of Wheat Bread = 70
  • Pumpernickel Hoagie Roll = 300
  • 1 Serving of Mashed Potatoes = 174

When your diet consists mainly of hummus sandwiches and veggie burritos, the calories can add up quickly. So how do I combat this issue? In order to fight back against the attacking carbs, I’m going to challenge myself to eat less than 400 calories of carbs for the next week. The benefits are two-fold: 1) I cut back on calories and possibly lose a bit of weight and 2) I expand my vegetarian menu to include some new dishes. At the end of the week I will share any good recipes I come across during this challenge.


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